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Before thesauruses were at a click's distance!

Lexicon is a mini dictionary, offering you alternatives, just like a thesaurus, to more or less common words. It seems to me that the game is a bit too small to, maybe contain a more updated dictionary, but, well, those that have lived through the Encarta series will know what it is all about and not question it. Now, it has a few activity based, let's call them, minigames, but it sure isn't created with the thought of being a full on game. Though, to be frank I remember playing the minigame that was included in this Oxford pocket dictionary (a digital PC bundle, I don't know why it was called a pocket edition, hehe!) quite a lot at some point, which goes to show that gaming can be so much different for many of us, it can hold so many facets, depending on what we are looking to get. At any rate, it's a clean, nicely interfaced bundle, usable but frankly outdated by actual online resources, though, if you're looking for some offline replacement I guess it should do the trick. Just don't think of it as a professional, all encompassing resource. That it is not!

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