Action 1995 Dos Software Storm Shooter

First person Arkanoid/maze crawler; very playable

With Breakfree you get two games mashed in one: you get Arkanoid and you also get Wolf 3D. The two gameplay styles are combined together neatly. You can shoot fireballs and they will bounce off the walls, breaking them and allowing you a way to go around. As in Arkanoid, you co9ntrol the angle of your shooting, but some of the trajectories are also not that easy to predict. The shooter portion is given by the first person mazes where you will be located, mazes which you need to escape out of, and you do that by destroying the bricks and thus advancing. All in all, though, Breakfree is a cool combination, at times one that feels like a puzzler, at times one that just feels like a maze hooter. Graphically, the mazes will definitely remind you of Wolf 3D, as they have that scarce look, but it sure works. Also, you get bonuses, one-ups, so your arsenal of tricks keeps getting bigger and bigger. And, all in all, Breakfree is a cool puzzler game, a cool action game, and a cool mash of arcade and shooter. Download it!

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