Arcade 2003 Windows Ben Hanke Arkanoid style Puzzle based

Well done clone of Arkanoid

Blockage is a fun, well executed, 2D clone/remix of Arkanoid; the gist of the game is pretty much the same, you have to shoot your ball that breaks the bricks, and try to avoid the departure of the returning ball by hitting it with your paddle. Depending on the angle at which you shoot the ball, plus the initial return trajectory of the ball, you will get to direct the ball to a position that is calculated mathematically. The better you are at approximating your return angle of hitting the ball (and, also, just getting to it in time!), you will get more and more points. Once all the bricks are broken/hit and destroyed you will get a new level, with a different display of bricks. Also, as with classic Arkanoid/Breakout, you get power ups, some that offer you an advantage, some that you need to avoid as they reduce the size of your paddle or have some other effect you might not want. Either way, the levels feature smart and well produced arrangements of bricks, so it's worth having in your collection, if anything for the very tight controls, that work as a charm.

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