Arcade 2002 Windows Arkanoid style Puzzle based

Arkanoid clone that won't make you mad!

Arkannoyed is a very colorful wall breaking game, in the classic style of Arkanoid. And, in spite of the title, nope, it's not an annoying game, quite on the contrary, it's an easy to play game, immediately responsive to commands, highly entertaining and with a load of cool levels. It's also, considering its age, very well balanced graphically, and by that I mean that it looks very well. It's also well polished, with a great deal of detail poured into the extra animations; some of the tiles emanate thunder like emissions, some other break in very cool colorful stretches, and so on; it's just great, offering you quality graphics, gameplay and everything else you might want to ask of it. Some of the powerups are really interesting and novel, and so, it creates a really satisfying mix, which is definitely worth playing. I truly love it, and when I feel like playing a wall breaking game that is a bit more modern, Arkannoyed is definitely a top contender; it has enough quality levels and great graphics, while not straying too much from the original recipe.

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