Bridge Hopper

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox I. Harness Building

Basic Lemmings clone lacking in sophistication

While the concept behind Bridge Hopper might be familiar, with the game playing out like a cruder version of Lemmings, sadly the execution isn't good enough to warrant more than a cursory investigation and you're better off with the green haired beasties or looking at Loco-Commotion if you want the kind of puzzling offered here. The basic idea of the game is to get a group of men across a bridge, the catch being that there are several gaps in it and which will obviously send the men plummeting to their doom if they attempt to cross it. To overcome this issue, you can place a platform in the gap to get the men across but again, there's a catch, which this time is that you can only place one platform at a time. To further complicate matters, you have several men wandering about at the same time but who walk at different paces, thus requiring careful juggling of the platform in order to accommodate them and ensure they all reach safety. Most of the time, the men at least have the decency to walk in the same direction but every third level sees them travelling in both directions, just to keep you on your toes. That's about all there is to Bridge Hopper and when you first fire it up, it does provide at least a little entertainment. Of course, this requires you to get past the incredibly basic presentation, with visuals and sound that are simple to say it politely, but if you can do so, you might find some fun here. However, the lack of variety or depth to the game do become apparent quickly and it all becomes a bit tired after only a few levels, making it suitable only for short bursts of gaming when you have ten minutes to kill. If you're looking for something with the complexity or sophistication of Lemmings though, steer well clear.

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