The Incledible Toon Machine

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Sierra Building Cartoon

Capitalizing on a series' past can be fun!

The Incredible Machine was Sierra's most innovative game series, even in spite of myriad games put out by the studio. It was just the premise, building intricate machines with lots of props to achieve the wackiest of Rube Goldberg machines ever to have existed. So, given this history, it's no wonder that the company wanted to continue the legacy of the series and to expand it into new niches. And what better niche to try to capitalize than cartoons and cartoon characters? Now, while one could say that the vanilla Incredible Machine games were also cartoonish, after all in what universe could you create the mega-structures that this universe allowed, the setting was pretty moderate in its depiction. Not so with this game. With this one the wackiness foes full berserk, at least in what props and backgrounds are concerned. The disadvantage however, is that if you've played the original, this doesn't bring any new idea into play. So, the game feels much like a skins add-on, whereas the barebones of the game are the same. But frankly, this is not a bad thing, is just that you must not expect anything new, any new gameplay concepts, instead just the same old game under a cartoon representation.

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