Nick Faldo's Championship Golf

Sport 1992 Dos Grandslam Golf

Well done, but rather reduced in size golf sim

Nick Faldo's Championship Golf is a good, even great, you might consider, golf game; however, it's a small game, with only 2 18 courses and a hidden course that offers you golf on...Mars. Well, controls wise this is as simple as they get; you get a good arcade controls build based on pushing a button at the exact moment when a crosshair is exactly at the middle of a swinging line. It's a classic kind of production, and it's alright, as it tests your hand eye coordination and reflexes. The other part of the game is based on establishing how hard you're going to hit the ball, and the direction of the shot. The game uses stills of 3D environments it draws just before you shoot; but, as I said, these are stills, only, so this isn't an animated 3D game. Yet, the level of detail is great and you also get into about the air currents in game, which helps you hit with more accuracy. So, it's a competent game, but it's short. The course on Mars is a cool addition, but, with only 2 course on Earth, it's a little underweight. You might also want to download British Open Championship Golf, released in the later 90s, and with many more courses.

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