Sport 1998 Windows Jim Kitchen Golf

A retro golf title; more like a proof of concept

This golf sim game, released in 98, looks more like it's been created in the early 80s, or even in the late 70s. It's a simulation where you hit the golf ball, as most top down sim golf games of yore were, but the graphics are minimalist ASCII based; the background is black and the foreground is white. Simple as it may be, the game still manages to look good enough, and it creates a great, satisfying interaction. There are two puzzles in the game, as it were, one in which you set the speed of the ball, and one in which you set the accuracy of the shot. Of course, you can choose where to send the ball, but how fast it travel there and how accurately, is controlled by your accuracy in those two puzzles. Anyway, it's a retro title that some will love, the very minimalist of it being both it's make a it's break! Alternatively, for a more graphically endowed title, still 2D, still very minimalist, but with a few more colors sprinkled in there, downlonad Weenie Golf, which can be a much better choice for those that love to see some green in their golf games!

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