Broken Sword

Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Virgin Interactive Myth and legend Cartoon Tales and legends

Point and click adventure at its best

Adventure fans are in for a treat with this, the first in the hugely popular and influential Broken Sword franchise. A point-and-click mystery thriller, the game features a complex plot, stunning animated graphics and engaging puzzles. After American tourist, George Stobbart, witnesses a terrorist bombing in Paris, he finds himself working with inquisitive journalist Nico Collard to uncover the truth behind the attack. What follows is a lengthy and exciting journey into history involving the mysterious Knights Templar and the legendary Sword of Baphomet. Broken Sword really is a joy from start to finish, with an engaging pair of lead characters, a witty and surprising script, and beautiful art design. There is much to explore, with a great variety of highly detailed and exotic environments, while the lushly orchestrated score adds hugely to the cinematic feel of the game. The puzzles are generally satisfying and fit into the plot nicely, rarely feeling unnatural or forced, and are suitably challenging for the average player. If you want to experience a wonderful example of interactive storytelling, or are a fan of Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle, then Broken Sword and its sequels are a must play.

Ever seen a game so beautiful you just had to play it?

I have to admit, to me this game has by far one of the best graphics and animation I have ever seen. Like you are playing the entire game in a breathtakingly beautiful modern painting with characters who look like they just jumped out of Cartoon Network. I have truly never seen something as beautiful as this game in a long, long time. First in the Broken Sword Trilogy (the next are Broken Sword 2 and 3), this wonderful adventure game follows a young American on a vacation in France who is suddenly found in an investigation that will lead him half way across the globe until finally all the questions are answered. The voice acting is really splendid and the music is perfect. The casual gamer will love this game for the not too challenging difficulty of the game puzzles, a fact that gives the game much needed ease to play. It's like watching a beautiful animated film. Absolutely breathtaking. A must have.

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