Top Secret

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Mystery Puzzle based Thriller

Being in a secret organization is hard!

In Top Secret you are a member of a top notch secret organization whose main goal is that of preserving the safety and security of the country. You share the load with another member, which is your partner, Manu, but he is far from a perfect secret agent, reason for which you will have quite a hard time dealing with all the problems that he would bring to you. At any rate, the game plays as an adventure with loads of mini puzzles to solve, puzzles that will take you all through the city. You will visit a bank, a bar, you will visit a garage and also a news stand, plus a garage and a graveyard. Each location has its own puzzle, a main one and a few secondary ones. But, all in all, the game is pretty well produced, and well done. Graphically, it's in back and while, but the interactive elements are easily observable and also, your commands are always listed in the right hand panel of the game, so you always have an idea of what you might need to do. However, you need to know French, or use a translator, as the game, game menu and in-game content is in French also. Alternatively for a detective story/mystery adventure in English, download Mystery Master: Felony!

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