Bubble Trouble

Arcade 2000 Windows Challenges Puzzle based

Bubbles are falling from the sky: shoot them!

This is a cute arcadey shooter game, in which, your only mission is to destroy the evil bubbles that come from the sky and not allow them to hit the ground or you. If you've played Missile Command this game will feel pretty familiar, and, for all intents and purposes, pretty relaxed. It's also a very small game, with only 5 levels in total, which increase in difficulty but not a lot as you progress. You have two ways of shooting, with a normal shooter, and, also, a shooter that can destroy a few falls at a time, but takes time to charge. Graphically, for a balloon themed game is all cute and cuddly, so great for kids and for those that love shooter games that don't have a realistic/ too serious theme. The music is also cute, as if for a cartoon series, but it's fairly repetitive after a short while, so you might want to mute it. In any case, the whole game is short, so any tedious bit, graphical, or sound wise is going to be over before you have time to get bored with it all. But that's the game, a small freeware shooter. So, give it a try if you want to shoot and not feel too bad that you're bursting good balloons!

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