Bubble Pop

Action 1997 Windows Software of Sweden Cartoon Platformer Puzzle based

A very cute and fun game

Bubble Pop is a nice and fun clone of the game Bubble Bobble, but with some minor changes. If you get the registered version, you will get to enjoy more than 120 levels of fun, not including bonus caves you can access by collecting letters throughout the game. The game is consisted of you jumping from platform to platform armed with a magic wand and using various spells to turn your friends who have been enchanted into penguins by the Evil One, your archenemy, back to balloons, fruits and other items. You can also get a lot of extras and powerups like spells of invisibility, making your game a lot more fun. The game is very colorful and bright, with funny and quirky animation and equally cute music and sound effects. Everything looks very good, from the bright colors to the nice design to the overall cuteness of the characters. Bubble Bobble has had a lot of clones, but I would say that this is definitely one of the better and more successful ones. A whole lot of fun!

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