Panza Kick Boxing

Sport 1990 Dos Dosbox Futura Fighting Tournaments Martial Arts

Kickboxing themed arcader; fun and cartoonish

Panza Kick Boxing is a kickboxing sort of sim, though, the way it is presented, and the way it is delivered, it has a lot more in common with an arcade title, than with any other kind of experience. The combo system that governs the fighting style of each and every different character is nothing too special. You have a number of basic moves, but chain them together and you can execute a lot better moves, and thus, be able to get a lot more out of the game, and have better chances of winning. While a little violent, Panza Kick Boxing is also a bit too arcade like and this just doesn't make the violence feel real. Thus, I'd argue it can be played by kids and adolescents without issues. Also, the graphics, while alright, are just in the realm of budget gaming, so nothing too special in there. But, nevertheless, with Panza Kick Boxing you can get a good break game, but don't expect it to be a kind of serious type of experience to keep on playing. For that, rather download WWF Wrestlemania: the Arcade game which, while arcade, is also more serious, more in your face!

Kick your way to the top!

It's always nice to see a good fighting game, as witnessed by the classic, Street Fighter. A lot of punching around - it's the perfect stress relief. When it comes to PKB, it's even better. This little baby was a star on Amiga but unfortunately didn't get the same fame when it got transferred on the PC. Still, it's one of the best games of the genre and also one of my favorites! If you choose to play the career mode, you will start from the lowest, most wimp player in the world but will start to gradually increase your stats and by the end of the day, you'll start to feel like Derek Panza himself. The controls of the game are pretty practical and easy and what's best - you can't just push random buttons to win. There are cool combo that can be managed and if you want to be good and stay that way, you better keep pressin'. You can opt to play alone or with a friend in a multiplayer session. The graphics of the game are very solid, with nice coloring and very good animations - fantastic for 1990! All in all, my opinion is that PKB is definitely one huge bundle of action, violence and fun and you'll definitely gonna love it.

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