Tag Team Wrestling

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A solid game for its time

Tag Team Wrestling is a 1984 wrestling game developed in Japan. Originally made for NES and Arcade Systems, it was then ported to DOS pc systems. Utilizing an isometric 3d view of the mat, players are able to move around and excecute various attacks upon the enemy player, using either a connected joystick or the keyboard. There are about a dozen different moves that can be used. Each successful attack will drain the enemy fighter of health, and if you get too low you can, like in the real sport, tag your teammate and swap. This is useful especially if both you and the enemy have low health and you do not want to risk an attack to finish the other one off. The first team to drain both opponents health first is declared the winner. This is a classic win-to-play game (as to be expected from its arcade roots). As long as you continue to win, the game will continue to play and present you with more match ups. In terms of playing this game, I'm sure the controls would have been easier to master with a joystick, or at the arcade, but the learning curve with the keyboard is a little steeper due to it being included as more of an afterthought. Overall for its time this game, while simple, is bound to keep wrestling (and DOS game) fans entertained.

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