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ASCII board game Othello, pretty well done

Othello is a classical board game in the same style as Go, or as, some would argue, Checkers, but sure enough it has its own rule set and its own feel. If you want to compare it with anything, and I'm only doing these for those few people that have no idea what it is, it's like a turn based tactics wargame, where positional play is the one that decides who wins and who loses. Now, given that this game is rendered from ASCII graphics, you can't really expect it to offer a whole lot, but even within its very limited supply of elements, I can very well say that it manages to create a playable environment from where there is little you will miss. Sure, you don't get a tutorial, but then again, I don't think you'll need one either. Just play against the easiest AI, or, rather, against an AI that is midway there, and you'll get enough cool gameplay from it, to last you a good amount. So, Othello is an alright game, quite nice and quite well produced, and even in spite of its graphical limitations it should work just fine, which is what it's all about, in the end. Give it a try, it won't disappoint. Or, if you want a better graphical overlay for it, see the Hasbro 1997 version, much more graphically endowed and with a more diverse roaster of additional game elements.

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