Puzzle 2000 Windows Katyfraise Building Reflex oriented

Reflex oriented game; put the eggs in the basket

You are the proprietor of a den of hens, and, as hens do, they will keep on producing eggs; you have to take all the eggs as they fall from the hens, and you have to collect them, making sure none of them break. It takes both a bit of strategy, knowing which egg to go for, as the eggs have different speeds, and they are ejected (!) at different moments in time; thus, it might not be immediately clear what is the egg to go for first, and so it takes some mental calculations to know which one to go for. Also, Jegg does a great job of increasing the difficulty, with more eggs, more hens and faster overall action. So, Jegg does a great job of it all, even if graphically it is not the most developed game out there. But it sure is fun enough that it won't get on your nerves, at least if you play it in small 5 minute installments. Anymore and its very simple mini game build will kind of get old, and will start resulting in diminishing results for you. So, as you might imagine, Jegg does a great job at offering you a great, simple, and at the same time satisfying dose of cool gameplay. Similarly, download Building Panic, a game that has a similar puzzly/arcade build, where you have to be at the right place at the right time.

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