Burger Blaster

Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox COMPUTE! Publications Arcade style

Be a hamburger shooter/chef because...hamburgers!

In the alternate history of this game, cooking burgers and arranging them patty in the middle style, is not something to be done over a frying cooker or some other kind of boring heating surface. Nope, as it is known to happen in some strange parallel universes, the patties, the tomato, lettuce, condiments and buns fly in the air, and a good cook shoots them down, not before making sure that when they fall they will fall on top of the other slices and ingredients to create the best possible hamburger known to man! Or hamburger people, for all we know, if this universe is inhabited by men is something that goes unspecified. And so, in Burger Blaster you have a great deal of fun until, you know, just as in real life, being a make shit cook loses its charm! And, when that happens, if you still want to go about playing hamburger themed games, you might want to download Burger Time Deluxe an oldschool platformer arcader with burgers for scaffolding! It will be a more classical, jump and run and escalate ladders kind of experience, but one sure worth looking into, for those that want SpongeBob's job!

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