Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox LogotroN Tetris variant Arcade style

Action puzzle with programming of robots driving it forward

Quadralien is a game that asks you to program a robot to do the tasks it needs to do to solve each level the game throws at you. These puzzles require you to remotely manipulate areas of the level. But, as you'll find out, you need to program your little robot, which is engaging in its own little way. Not to worry though, the game doesn't require you to have any programming skills, actually what you need is apply your logic to it and you will prevail. Graphically it's on par with games such as The Incredible Machine, which, for all intents and purposes is a great plus for it. The game also stands on a fine line of serious looking and cartoon graphics, but it never gets too crazy with the way it all looks; quite on the contrary, it is an experience that will likely be liked by a lot of different people. Plus, it' a varied game, with 6 different droids to controls and program and lots of scenarios to play through. So, if you like object based puzzles, then try it, it's a well designed, always novel experience.

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