Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox Discovery Software International Reflex oriented Arcade style

Action and puzzler...in space!

The main idea of this game is to combine the race for completing a level that defined Pac Man with a more diverse roaster of levels, so that you never truly get bored of it. And so, what you get, is a maze crawler that takes a while to get to the more challenging levels, has a perspective where you see your map from a side, sort of like it's a bidimensional plank in space, which I'd have preferred was just top down. The graphics, except for this gimmick are alright, for that DOS 8 bit with a twist looks, and the color depth and pixel count is better than your usual CGA category, though you'd be hardpressed to think that this game is not CGA, given the colors used. It is too simple at first, though, but as soon as the enemies that are brought forth are the snakes (snakes on a...plane...board...he...he!) then it just turns into, if you'll excuse my language, a pissing match. This second half of the game is just bonkers, as there is no strategy in there, all that it is, is survival of the one with the heaviest endurance to repetitiveness. So, I dunno, give it a go only if you don't have some OCD for completing games. ‘Cause if you do, you'll have a bad day!

How to play in XP

@Kevin Use DOSbox software to fool the game into running, thinking it's working in a DOS environment.

I have Played this Game on Amiga 500 pc

I have played over and over in the early 80's - 90s Sadly lost the disc and was hard to find it ... however I have trouble downloading and does not work on pc ... is there a hint to play on Pc on Xp windows?

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