Beyond the Black Hole

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Software Toolworks Arcade style Strategic scope

Finding a path to a black hole

Beyond the Black Hole is a space exploration, flight and shooting game, relatively simple, totally arcade, yet very much fun. It's got a Sci Fi backstory that involves the disappearance of a certain Vern Grenington from the vicinity of a space station known as NAW-911, which, as it happens, was supposed to have contained a black hole. Now, you, the player, can control an orb looking space flight ship and can ease your way towards this particular space station. It's not going to be easy, as many perils will be set in your path, but, as the game manual states, if you're a gamer you will succeed! The manual of the game does a tongue in cheek reference to the player as actually playing a simulation similar to the games of the early days, and that simulation, was chosen so because, well, people born in the era liked to play them! Wow! At any rate, it's a shooter in space, alright graphically, in 2D, and as I sad very arcade like. So, if you want to see how an in-game black hole looks like you have to play it! Else, download BlackHole, a retro styled shooter and action game from 2002.

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