Bust a Move 4

Arcade 1998 Windows Acclaim Anime Puzzle based

Bub and Bob's Triumphant Return!

Those loveable dinosaurs Bub and Bob are back in yet another sequel to the endlessly popular Bust a Move series. While they might have found fame in arcade classics Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, it's this series which has cemented their place in history and while this latest instalment doesn't do anything radically new, it remains a slick and enjoyable slice of puzzling fun. The principle as before is to fire bubbles into the screen, matching colours in order to make them disappear before the time runs out, in a similar fashion to Columns. The main additions this time around include new characters and a story mode where you win cards after successfully completing a level and which allows you to see the effects of defeating an opponent in the form of a narrative. A couple of other modes have also been included such as the Win Contest where you just have to win as many rounds in a row as possible, while if you complete the Challenge mode (where you get judged on skill and speed), you get to play around with the Edit mode where you can create your own puzzles to test your friends. For fans of the series, this is pretty much a must play and although it doesn't advance things very much, it still offers the kind of manic, fast-paced bubble popping thrills that veterans known and love. The visuals are still as bright and appealing as ever, with vibrant colours and highly appealing character designs. Sound effects are simple enough, largely restricted to just popping effects but it's the simplicity and accessibility of the game that makes it such a winner. The controls are easy to pick up while the gameplay is undeniably fun in the best possible way so if you're on the lookout for a new Tetris-style puzzler to challenge you, check this out.

A fantastic and addictive puzzle game

This anime like puzzle game is the fourth and probably the bast game in the Bust a move series of puzzle games. The objective is pretty simple - you are presented with bubbles of various colors, and your job is to shoot bubbles into said collection and create a row of three or more bubbles of the same color to make them disappear. You win the game after there are no more bubbles on your board. In this, fourth game, you can choose to play the puzzle story, a simple match against a computer or against another human, which is in my opinion the most fun. The match is played with two board set side by side in real time, so you can watch each other's progress, shout and swear at each other for being better than the other :) The game is very cute and the characters look like they have jumped out of a kids anime show. The colors are very bright and the images are extremely clear, while the animation is smooth and fast. The game is pretty challenging, fun, and insanely addictive, and all arcade players will fall in love with it at first site, no exception. One of my favorite puzzle games, by far!

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