Bust a Move 2

Arcade 1996 Windows Acclaim Single screen Anime Puzzle based

Charming and addictive puzzler

The stars of legendary arcade classic Bubble Bobble take to the puzzle stage in this spin off from their original bubble-busting exploits and prove equally successful in the new format. Taking inspiration from other puzzlers like Tetris and Columns, the game features the adorably cute dinosaurs Bub and Bob and places them in a series of single screens which are populated with bubbles of various colours. Their task is simply to pop these bubbles by blasting them with bubbles of the same colour and making lines of three or more. Bubbles can be bounced off walls to make those tricky lines, while the sequel also adds in tournament play and a branching storyline to expand on the basic concept. Although fairly basic in concept, it is this simplicity which makes Bust a Move so successful. It is undeniably addictive while the graphics are so adorable that is impossible to resist their charms. Bub and Bob make for an endearing pair of heroes and the backdrops are vibrant and lush, with gorgeous colours that just leap off the screen. Bust a Move really is a classic little puzzler and is a game whose influence is clearly visible in the myriad similar games which are now so popular on mobile devices. However, Bub and Bob do it best so stick with Bust a Move!

Bubbles! Bubbles everywhere!

This game series is a clear example that, the simpler the game, the more fun it is. Bust a move is 2 a sequel to the game with the same name, only better! The little cute characters from the last game, Bub and Bob, are still here to guide you through the game. The graphics are improved although not by much, you aim the bubbles a lot easier than before, and now you have a hotseat option, either with a friend or against the computer. The game is bedazzling with its colors and cartoonish anime-style layout, quirky funny music and fun gameplay. The game is very simple and that's why it's so fun. It's perfect for kids precisely because its objective is very simple and all that is required is differentiating colors and a little space orientation with a dash of simple logic. And boom! We have one of the funnest, most addictive and most entertaining game in the history of arcade games. This game is a must for all puzzle game fans and a great suggestion for parents who are looking for a simple yet challenging game for their kid.

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