Bust a Move

Arcade 1995 Dos Dosbox Taito Single screen Anime

Manic and enjoyable puzzler

After the immense success of Bubble Bobble in arcades and later through home conversions, someone thought it would be a great idea to take that game's adorable dinosaur-like heroes and place them in a puzzle game. Strange though it might seem, it was a great move as it resulted in this, the first in a series of popular puzzle games that will prove appealing to fans of Columns, Pang and other such colourful adventures. The basic idea here is pretty simple, with the game taking place on a 2D static screen which is filled with bubbles of various colours. Players must burst them by firing single bubbles up the screen and when three or more bubbles of the same colour meet, they burst. Clear all the bubbles, rack up some points and then you move on to the next even more challenging level. Simples! However, adding to the difficulty is the fact that the ceiling moves ever closer to the bottom of the screen, increasing the pressure on the player to make an effective move that bursts as many bubbles as possible and gets you one step closer to the number one position on the high score table. Bust a Move really is a classic of the genre. Later instalments like Bust a Move 4 introduced several new elements, but the original shows the core genius of the gameplay in its purity and remains a hectic and fast-paced experience that really keeps players on their toes. When played in two-player mode it becomes even more enjoyable and competitive and this really is the best way to play. The graphics and sound are simple enough, but do their job well and are certainly bright and appealing. If you want an enjoyable slice of action puzzling, then you could do far worse than check this out.

Bubble `em down!

Bust a Move is a shooter arcade puzzler in which your aim is to shoot at the bubbles that come at you from above. You, however, shoot bubbles yourself, and the goal is not to pop them, but to match them with the same color bubbles from your gun. When there are a few bubbles stacked around one another, of the same color, the entire construction falls to pieces, and the departed bubbles make way for new bubbles. It's very satisfying to shoot and match the colors, very relaxing. Plus, the game can be played in small time increments, so it's a great game for your five minute breaks. Graphically it's a 2D game, but a good looking one, and a very cartoonish affair also. You can also play the game in multiplayer mode, case in which you are going to have to share the playing space with a friend (or enemy!) and try to collaborate, in one game mode, or to play against one another in another. If you want an even more chaotic and colorful version of the game, download Bust a Move 4, similar but more agile, graphically.

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