The Patrician

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Economic and trading sim in the 16th century

The Patrician is one of the best trading simulations of the early 90s, and it is based on the sea faring, commodities markets of the 16th century, in the Baltic and northern regions. Thus, you'll have to make yourself comfortable with unpredictable seas, on which you will have to run your Snaika ships and if you are lucky, larger ones, or even convoys. Everything is for sale, from beer to expensive goods, for the rich. You just have to exploit the differences in the market, buy from an area that has a production deluge and sell to where these commodities are a rarity. It's a game of balancing the cost of the voyage, trying to know where the areas are great for buying or for selling and for what product and then just growing. Sure, enough, the game has some additional elements too, that are more about setting the tone of the game; thus, there is political turmoil, there are many different areas and cities that you can even go on and conquer, and there are the nefarious pirates, which will definitely give you a hard time if you allow them. But, patience and a head dedicated to growth and business will see everything to completion. Download the second Patrician game too, it updates the graphics, includes more additional gameplay elements and even minigames.

Fight your way to the top and rule the trading industry

The Patrician has well deserved its title of being one of the best historical trading simulation games out there, along with Machiavelli The Prince. Why is that? Well, the advantages of the game are certainly the huge amount of effort you need to put in to fulfill your goal and the fact that the game has an awesome amount of detail, and everything matter. So, you're a simple merchant, but you have some very serious ambitions. You want to become a leader of the most elite trading society in Europe - Hanseatic League. You start very slow and by trading goods all over the world, becoming powerful and wealthy, getting elected Mayor, maybe - just maybe - you can become a part of the League. Show yourself credible and rise in this society and you'll be the leader. While trading really is a very important feature of this game (it is, after all, a trading sim), bribes and political manipulation are even more important. Basically, what you have to ask yourself is - What are you ready to do to become number the one trader in the region? If you are a fan of this genre you will find this game thrilling, very intense and entertaining. There is a fine line between success and failure..

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