Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2: Open Season

Sport 1998 Windows Head Games Publishing Shooter Hunting

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If you are one of those peculiar people who enjoys the Big Game Hunter series of hunting games, particularly Big Game Hunter 2, then this expansion pack is sure to be of interest to you. However, if you're part of the group of people who only enjoys good games then this is one which is easily passed by and to be honest you'd be better of ignoring it completely. You do need the original game to play this, which is one of those armchair hunting games, where you venture out across America and even to Africa in search of beautiful animals and then proceed to shoot them, all so you can mount their digital heads on your mantelpiece. There's a number of different weapons to choose from, plenty of species (many of which are endangered), as well as heaps of authentic hunting gear to help make your quest easier. This pack adds in even more weapons, a greater range of ammunition, new species and gear and even an all new map which presents its own challenges. If you do enjoy this sort of game and are looking for a way to expand the longevity of Big Game Hunter 2, then this is a perfectly serviceable way of doing it. There's actually a decent amount of content on offer here, and which is suitably different from the base game to maintain your interest, with a good level of challenge. However, if you've not played this sort of thing before, you're likely to wonder what the appeal actually is, as the gameplay is pretty tedious and uninteresting, with a lot of waiting around and not much action, while the moral aspect is also somewhat questionable. Perhaps best avoided.

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