Deer Hunter 2: The Hunt Continues

Sport 1998 Windows WizardWorks Shooter Hunting

Stick to Doom

The hunting game genre is a peculiarly specialized offshoot of the first person shooter which is likely to prove rather dull to the average gamer and of interest only to those who enjoy the real world hobby, similar to fishing games like Gone Fishin'. However, even for those attuned to the charms of hunting games, this one is probably not going to be too enthralling either and you might be better off with Bird Hunter. As with other similar such games, there's not much to this one other than going on hunts to catch yourself a fine deer. In a slight change to the formula though, this time you can actually move yourself around, rather than just waiting for them to come to you, which does at least spice things up. Some other changes for the series include some more weapons to try out, new accessories and the ability to play around with your sights. You've also got access to your player stats, so you can keep track of your accuracy and such things, but in all honesty that's about it. Certainly for the average action-loving gamer, this is going to be boring stuff. There's a lot of waiting around, looking at some rather bland scenery and hoping that something is going to show up soon so you can blast it and go home. And when something does appear, the act of shooting it is also less than thrilling, so by now you're probably wondering why you're bothering with it all. The only good part is that you're not actually out in the cold, so you aren't freezing your bits off in the outdoors. Apart from this though, this makes for a poor experience.

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