Cabela's Grand Slam Hunting: North American 29

Sport 2000 Windows Activision Hunting Shooter

Prolific hunting simulation

It is great and probably one of the best hunting simulation games of its times as it involves some great gaming dynamics that have not been given in any of the previous games under this category. You have 29 deferent animals to hunt and all have their distinct set of movements and skills and are not easy to hunt. The game is set up in different venues of the North African region which have their distinct terrains and great backgrounds where you can have a thrilling hunting experience. It is high on its realistic value as the animals have their sensing skills which allows them to run away in case you make a mistake in your move. So you also have to be good in your movement apart from your shooting skills. It is 72 square miles of hunting area which you have in the game and the graphics give them a realistic feel. The level designs are unique and creative and the controls are smooth and perfect. The user interface is pretty ok but the great gameplay is unparalleled. Well the whole series has been a good one but if you want to go for some other good hunting game, try Bird Hunter: Wild Wings Edition.

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