Deer Hunter

Sport 1997 Windows MacSoft Shooter Hunting

Strictly for hunting fans only

Armchair hunters may enjoy this recreation of their favourite pastime, but for most gamers, the appeal will wear thin pretty quickly and they will soon look elsewhere for their thrills. The game offers interested parties the opportunity to go hunting with one of three weapons, a shotgun, bow and rifle, all of which can be tried out on the shooting range to find your favourite. Once you are suitably armed, you can choose from three distinct locations: snow-covered Indiana, autumnal Arkansas, or the forests of Colorado, with each environment offering its own unique challenges. Once you have picked a location, you can check out a map of the area which allows you to search for signs of your quarry, such as droppings, tracks and rubbings, and when you find enough evidence to suggest a deer may be nearby, the hunt begins. At this point, the game switches to a first-person perspective, and you can now start blasting away, or take a more subtle approach and use calls to lure the deer in for an easier kill. The animals actually behave in a fairly realistic fashion, and careful consideration must be made of things like wind direction, making this ideal for gamers seeking slower-paced thrills. However, the poor interface with its jerky aiming makes the experience highly frustrating, while the simple graphics and gameplay make this one for hunting fans only. For a more enjoyable twist on the genre, check out Deer Avenger instead.

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