Deer Hunter 4: World-Class Record Bucks

Sport 2000 Windows WizardWorks Shooter Hunting

The hunt is on!

The Deer Hunter series is a pretty extensive set of games which do exactly what you'd expect judging by the title and if you fancy some armchair hunting, they just about do the job. For more casual players they're not that enthralling so make sure you're into blasting innocent animals to death before you pick one up. This fourth installment is pretty much the same as before but with visual improvements and some new content including a bizarre new mode. As ever, your task is to stalk animals across a variety of environments (there are seven here) after tooling yourself up with your preferred selection of weapons and other items, like traps and camouflage. There are a number of modes to try out to increase the challenge, so you can choose to limit your ammo or weapons so you're only armed with a bow, while you can even play as the deer and try to evade the hunters for as long as possible. The game plays out fairly realistically, with changing weather, a day/night cycle and different seasons, so this is about as close to the real thing you can get without leaving your home. You pretty much know if you're going to like this before you pick it up, and if you've enjoyed any previous games in the series, you'll like this one. The visuals are better, there are more options and environments and it handles better than previous titles so as far as hunting games go, this is a fine one. However, if you're not a hunting fan, you'll likely find this a bit slow and tedious, with too little action to keep you hooked, so consider carefully before you try it.

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