Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of The Earth

Adventure 2006 Windows Bethesda Softworks First person Horror Action Fpp Action adventure

It will tear your soul apart

A vast improvement over the lackluster Wasted Land, this is a fine example of how the work of legendary horror writer HP Lovecraft should be handled in videogame form. This one stands alongside Alone in the Dark, Prisoner of Ice and Shadow of the Comet as an excellent example of what can be done with the writer's famous Cthulhu mythos and how chilling it can be. This one takes a classic Lovecraft setup, with the player in control of a detective arriving in Innsmouth to investigate a mission persons case but who soon finds himself caught up in a horrific mystery from ages past, as strange creatures from beyond the veil seek a way into our world. The gameplay here is a first-person shooter/survival horror style affair, with extra elements of stealth. You'll explore, sneak around and be generally horrified by weird goings-on as you venture through Innsmouth, trying to keep your sanity under control (one of the game's key mechanics). The game is also quite minimalist in its approach to things like the interface, with no HUD available, and which really helps crank up the atmosphere. Even without this aspect though, this would have been a very immersive experience, thanks to the still fine visuals and design work which really drag you in to the horror. The gameplay is varied and engrossing too, being a true survival horror for much of the running time, and there are heaps of genuinely scary moments along the way. There are a few dodgy aspects, such as the poorly implemented platforming sections, but for the most part, this is an absolute cracker.

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