Last Half of Darkness II

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox SoftLab Laboratories Horror First person

Sequel to Last Half of Darkness; not a step forward

The game here picks it all up from where the first one left you; you find yourself, yet again, alone in a strange (hotel, maybe?) room. After you wake up, you further realize that the girl that you were accompanied by in the first game is nowhere to be found, and, as far as you, the player, are concerned, granted, that you've played the first Half game of the series, this will be your playing through enticement for quite a while. It surely is unfortunate that this game too sort of has the same premise, or, rather, the same starting portion as the first one; and not only that, but the game keeps on reiterating on ideas that were already offered to you in the first game. Which is to say that it's too much of the same; it's like the game didn't even imagine that some other storyline could have been written, and just slightly offers you the same experience all over again. And, is it worth it? Well, I can't say that it's bad, but then again, I expected more from it. I don't know, maybe the game will be much more enjoyed by those that hadn't had themselves hyped by playing the first of the series. For those that had, though, it will just turn out to be a little too underwhelming.

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