Last Half of Darkness III

Adventure 1993 Dos SoftLab Laboratories Horror First person

Intriguing horror adventure

The Last Half of Darkness series is a little known one which mixes graphic adventuring with horror themes to good effect, and this third instalment is the best as it improves on the interface and graphics while also offering a more open-ended experience. The previous games, Last Half of Darkness and Last Half of Darkness II, should be played before this one as the storyline unfolds across the trilogy so by missing out on the earlier games, much of the enjoyment will be lost. This one picks up directly after the conclusion of the second game and sees the series' hero continuing to explore a haunted series of environment on an island inhabited by the dead and who must once again save the girl he encountered in previous chapters. The plot is quite refreshing for this genre, being different from the usual fantasy games, and the atmosphere on display here is highly reminiscent of Alone in the Dark, Prisoner of Ice or Shadow of the Comet, with its dark, brooding locations and mysterious goings-on. In terms of gameplay, this differs from the earlier games in that the interface has changed from a traditional text-based parser to a point-and-click system, like a static version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis or Discworld and which helps to make the game more accessible. Graphics too are much improved and the locations are quite lush and detailed, with effective use of colour and are supported by simple if effective descriptions. For fans of horror and adventure, this really is a great little find. It might be marred by bugs but if you can get past these, then there is a fine game here, with some good puzzles and many intriguing and shocking moments along the way. However, to do it justice, make sure you play the earlier games first.

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