John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles

Adventure 1998 Windows Mindscape Horror First person

Nice story, bad gameplay

Blackstone Chronicles is a series of psychological horror novels by author John Saul and this is a continuation of the plot from the books. The main character of the books, Oliver, has returned to Blackstone because his son has been kidnapped by the ghost of his father, so the he has to retrieve his son while making peace with his past that was troubling and dark. The gameplay consists of you going around the asylum that is now turned into a hotel, talking to ghosts, solving puzzles and searching for your son. You move in a point and click fashion from the first person perspective. While the story really is interesting and captivating, the problem with this game is that it is way to easy. There is almost no challenge to the game. The art and the graphics are spectacular and very pleasing to the eye. The fact that the game is graphically great does not justify the lack of intensity of it. If you are a beginner puzzle player of a really big fan of John Saul, give the game a try. Otherwise, turn for a better game, like Realms of the Haunting.

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