Town With No Name

Adventure 1993 Dos Delta 4 Interactive Horror First person

Scary adventure game but buggy and unimpressive

Games such as Evil Dead or Psycho Killer tackled the horror/survival genre from a very hands down perspective. You are chased by monsters and the monsters are down to get you. However, in Delaware St. John: Town With No Name, the premise is a different one. A town has been abandoned and you, as an explorer need to find out why. This might be easier said than done, given that the game doesn't start en force: you need to allow it a lot of time for the story to begin to contour itself, and even then the events don't always appear as they should. But, other than that, once you settle in the groove of the game, you can find that there is quite a bit to do. So, after you kind of forget what your main goal is, you will simply focus on the point and click puzzles. Most of them are simple and straightforward, find a missing object, combine it with another one and then you are ready to go on your way and explore some other places. You also get help from an NPC named VIC, a sort of tutorial companion, that if used too much can spoil the thrill of adventure, but then again, how many of us can lose sleepless nights over an adventure game like back in the day?

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