Capture the Flag

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Carr Software Organized forces Top down

A cool game, preferable for two

Just like the title of the game suggests, the main objective of this game is to capture the flag of the other team. (Much like in the game Richard Carr's Treasure Island) In this fun game, you and the other player (human or computer) are divided into two teams and you have to get to the other team's flag and snatch it before they get to yours. The game is very easy to play. It's turn based, so during your turns you issue commands to your team and when all movable points have been used up, it's the other player's turn. While the AI is effective enough, I think the best way to play the game is one human against the other. It's a great source of fun for a couple of friends when hanging out. The graphics and animation are smooth and clear and the great music helps in adding a great gaming experience. The game is simple, yet very fun to play. So go ahead, grab a friend, sit at a computer and play Capture the Flag, or give this game to your kid for a good, non violent time. Fun guaranteed!

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