Small Soldiers: Squad Commander

Strategy 1998 Windows Dreamworks Interactive Organized forces Top down

Very fun, but not like the movie

Small Soldiers is a action shooter game (like Jagged Alliance) that is based on the 1998 movie with the same name for kids featuring toy soldiers who actually come to life in the living room of a teenager. The game has not entirely taken every element from the movie, since it has added a few slight modifications. In the movie, the toys are in a huge war between the two factions of the figures - the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite. Now, in the game, the war is very much still on, only it's not set in the real world anymore, but in a special, "fantasy" kind of world where the Commandos are trying to destroy the Gorgonites home. Fans of the movie will be very glad to know that Tommy Lee Jones has reprised his role as Archer, giving a sense of familiarity to the whole game. Basically, the game is a shooter game played from the third person perspective. You are equipped with a rapid-fire crossbow, which can receive new ammunition type with varying abilities and strengths. You can play the game in solo mode or in multiplayer, where you can play as either Chip or Archer. While the game looks and plays very cool, after a while it might get a bit repetitive. The 3D graphics and animation combined with cool explosion effects really make the game feel better to play, and if you combine it with cool sound effects and voice acting that is truly very nice, you can't help but like the game. But, the game doesn't have the atmosphere from the movie and that might leave fans a bit disappointed. If you disregard that small bit, you'll get a very nice action game for kids and adults of all ages.

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