Ufo: Enemy Unknown

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox MicroProse Organized forces Real time Space combat Turn based Sci fi

A tactics game that is still a staple of squad based games

It's uncanny to think that many gamers and game commentators still go back to this game to describe the build of a good squad based, tactics heavy, turn based game, when so many others such games have been produced and released in the wild in the few decades after its released. But it's not without merit that Ufo: Enemy Unknown receives this accolade; Ufo: Enemy Unknown is a powerful, well produced, well satisfying game, always offering you maps that were great for tactics displacements, and a small, yet well balanced team of operatives, that truly game you a full spectrum of strategic options. You were fighting against extraterrestrial enemies, and this too had its fill of joys, as some of the technologies that you could end up using were out of this world too. And, since we're talking about technology, while the base of the game was the action in turns portion, it also had a base building portion, that determined what kind of weapons you had access to you and other advantages you had. Download also the remake – Enemy Unknown (2012), a fan made game, yet very similar to this one, yet graphically and interface upgraded.

A great sci fi classic

The starter of the X-COM series, this is by far one of the best sci fi strategies of all time, followed by the equally fantastic X-Com - Terror from the Deep. It is insanely addictive and action filled and will probably make you lose sense of reallity for the next few months. The game is separated into two phases, first being the preparation for the alien invasion and the second being the actual combat phase. In the second phase the game turns into a turn based combat with an isometric view of the battlefield. The game plays fairly simple and as I said, it is insanely exciting and addictive. The has very detailed and clear graphics, with very neat sci fi design that blends to the atmosphere of the game perfectly. The music is also epic, pumping with action and very dynamic. The game is one of the modern classics of strategy gaming that stand shoulder to shoulder with other sci-fi gems, like Syndicate and KKND.

Clever, exciting, tense

The very 1st PC game I ever played, UFO Defense was everything I ever wanted from a strategy game: clever, exciting, tense and in places nerve wracking. Truly a classic and the entire series is well worth playing. The shock you get when one of your troopers are killed by a shot from a hidden alien is something unique.

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