Richard Carr's Treasure Island

Strategy 1996 Windows Activision Organized forces War

Squad based tactics, real time and turn based

Richard Carr's Treasure Island is a a squad based, real time as well as turn based game, which started its life as an experimental school game. The main core of gameplay is as follows; two squads of different kind of characters (that make up a sort of Team Fortress class based team) battle to steal one another's chests of treasure. Each team has its own island which needs to be both protected as well as invaded. How one chooses to go about this depends on one's level of cooperation. Also, the blend of real time strategy and turn based tactics works great, feels like one of those RPGs from Square Enix, and will surely take one through its paces! Graphically, Richard Carr's Treasure Island is a top down game, pretty ugly, really, but not unplayable. It's just that no one really cared that much about the graphical presentation, as long as the game mechanics were supported by the graphics. So expect early 90s types of tiles and nothing too original. But, nonetheless, Richard Carr's Treasure Island is interesting, maybe a bit short lived (no multiplayer maps here) and also, a game that will surely manage to impress you if you love harder strategy blends.

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