Defend The Alamo

Strategy 1994 Dos Incredible Simulation Historical Organized forces

Serious little tactical simulation of the Alamo battle

This one is for the deeply rooted history buffs that want to take a ride down memory lane and witness and maybe change the events of the Battle of Alamo. To allow you to sink into it, the game offers you a lot of options, both tactical and strategic as well as managing to package them in such a way so as to not let them overwhelm you. That's right, this is the kind of game that is deep, indeed, very deep, but at every twist and turn you'll have the option to pause and think up your next move, so you don't get overdone by too many concomitant activities. Graphically, well, you will have to make do with some weird little elements, though the main game plays top down view, and you'll see your map and be aware of the units and so on. The game looks nice, and well, it sort of doesn't try to swoop you off your feet, it just does the job and not much more, but in its defense, for what it tries to achieve, it works great. At any rate, it will feel similar to Fort Apache in so many ways, though that one appeared years before Defend The Alamo was even concocted. Again, for the history freak, this one can be a perfect matchup.

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