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I Loved the gameplay

It is an ancient war fare game played via the use of cards on a board. The game depicts the true nature of the ancient battles and the tactics that they used. The plot with it is that you will be given an army to control and will fight against the army of the computer. So naturally you will need a good A1 To make the gameplay exciting and competitive and they have given exactly that. The battlefield or the play card ground has been segmented into three zones, one is the central zone and the other 2 are the left and the right wings like we have seen in battle movies of the ancient times. The cards on the board will represent different units of your army in the form of cavalry and infantry and you will play the cards on the battlefields to launch various attacks on the enemy. The UI in the game is good enough to make you understand how to gameplay goes and the graphics are also good and clear. You have to use the optimal units for different actions and attacks and this will decide the amount of damage that your units inflict and the ultimate wining and loosing. It has far more strategic elements than games like TigrisGame.

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