Puerto Rico

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Recreation of the eponymous Rio Grande tabletop

Puerto Rico is an almost one on one copy of the tabletop strategy game of the same name, released by Rio Grande in the USA. So, the question is, was the original worth the virtual treatment? Well, it seems so, given that it did sell quite a bit in the cardboard iteration. Anyway, in the digital version you can play hot seat mode with up to 4 other people or you can play against the PC, again, with as many as 4 artificial opponents. In any case, what you get is the chance to build and develop a settlement, sort of like in Settlers of Catan, only that the rules are a bit different, as this game is a bit more curved towards symbolic development. The goal is to be the most successful colonist, and the game uses tokens, building spaces and cards and a few other elements to symbolize development. Anyway, for a game released in 2005 it sure could have looked a little better but the 2D used is more than functional and well qualified to keep you playing. I however found it a bit dull in the absence of friends to play against, as at its core this is a social experience, so I went back to my stacking of wealth in Port Royale, a game that has a similar wealth amassing premise, though it is being served in the form of an economic exchange sim.

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