El Grande

Strategy 2004 Windows KOCH Media Historical Board games

Average strategy board game

It is a strategy base classical board game which involves typical cards gameplay. It can be played by around 5 players and the goal that you he in the game is to take control of the provinces in Spain. The strategy making and the gameplay is an extensive one. You can make a good variety of moves when you play it with some friend and it can get as competitive as your opponent makes it. On the other hand, the A1 in the game is not good at all and you will not have a tough competition or fun when you play this game with the computer control opponents. The reason is because they seem to be following the same card every time and are very predictable. You can beat them easily which means that you need to find a real player for having fun here. The graphics are smooth and quick and the user interface is moderate enough. The creativity in the designs is in terms of the colors that they have used and they are quite attractive. Overall it an average game and you can find other of the same caliber e.g. Turncoat.

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