Reiner Knizia's Samurai

Strategy 2003 Windows Klear Games Historical Board games

A versatile strategy board game

A great abstract samurai board game where your strategic abilities are tested while keeping you thoroughly entertained. The plot of the game is that you are among one of the warlords who seek the loyalty of 3 main groups namely priests, nobles and peasants. You have to gain the allegiance of these groups in one city and then move onto the next. The strategic options in the form of offers that you can give to these groups include military protection, resources to different castes and encouraging trade via sending your merchant ships. The game is both hex based and a turn based one where you play by placing different tokens on your board. The game is finely tuned and the game mechanics are very elegant. The resources or the offers you give to the groups will be presented on the board in the form of tiles placed in places which tag with the villages or the cities present on the board. Your tokens will go on to spread on the board as you gain the allegiance of different cities and ultimately declare your sovereignty. Well there are many other options to deal with and the graphics are also fine. One strategy board game which I like with this one is Carcassonne which is really beautiful and entertaining.

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