Card Player's Paradise

Strategy 1995 Windows Quantum Quality Productions (QQP) Cards

Original set of card game fun

If you're looking for an eclectic, if less than extensive, mix of card-based games to enjoy, then this is a pretty decent bet. It offers some interesting variations on the usual theme as well as an intriguing extra mode which adds some flavour so all in, this is a fine choice for card playing fanatics. Four games are of offer here, all of which are frequently enjoyed by top class card players around the world, these being Rummy 500, Pincochle, Belzique and Casino. These are certainly unusual choices but which are highly welcome variations on the usual poker or 21 that such games as Caesar's Palace and Trump Castle offer, thus making this the choice of the connoisseur. In addition to the usual world tournament mode, where you face off against a variety of top class opponents, you also have the option of playing the quest maze. This is a kind of hedge maze which must be navigated by successfully winning the various card games an which makes for a pleasant bit of variety to the usual high-stakes approach. Card Player's Paradise is actually a top notch bit of gambling entertainment. This is thanks largely to the original and interesting games which have been included here, which really stand out from the norm. The presentation too is top notch, with some lovely visuals and graphical flourishes which help give the title some extra personality. The AI of your opponents is also pretty high, giving even old hands at this kind of thing a run for their money, so if you're looking for a nice card-based challenge, this is well worth investigating.

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