Arcade 1994 Dos Microids Platformer

Bog standard platforming fun

If you like obscure platformers starring big fat men in tight red lycra, then Carlos is going to be right up your street. However, anyone doesn't share this particular interest would perhaps be better off looking elsewhere for their platforming fun, such as in the direction of Mario, Sonic or even Jazz Jackrabbit. On the face of it, Carlos has to be one of the odder gaming heroes out there but unfortunately, his on-screen exploits are far from exciting and once you get past the novelty of the main character, you're left with little of interest. The game is a bog-standard platformer where Carlos must make his way through several levels populated by such random enemies as rats, golfers and clowns, while making use of items including powder kegs and teleporters to get to the end of the level. A few interesting things such as whirlwinds to be used offensively also crop up while you are also accompanied by a parrot who comes in handy for taking out flying bad guys. There's also a familiar mix of collecting keys and hitting switches and if this all sounds like something you've played before and are desperate to play again, well Carlos is sure to provide some entertainment. If however, this sounds more than a little too reminiscent of other better games, then Carlos's mix of twee platforming and visually exuberant graphics will likely prove a turn-off about five seconds after you start playing. To be fair, Carlos doesn't do anything particularly wrong, with tight controls and a decent challenge level, but the problem is we have just seen it too many times before and with better examples of the genre out there, it's had to recommend the fat guy in the overalls.

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