Jason Storm in Space Chase

Arcade 1993 Dos Epic Megagames Platformer

A good timepass

This 2D side scrolling platform game is very much similar to Duke Nukem which involved sci-fi elements and adventure. The game is very much in the footsteps of Jason storm's adventure of the galaxy as the character in this game will explore space stations and the world of aliens and will encounter many characters and take part in combats. The typical yet attractive side scrolling action that has been coupled by a variety of puzzle elements such as finding keys for popping a door. The game is however far behind in terms of the variety because the levels do not give you much in terms of the power ups or surprise elements and the gameplay is also ordinary. This game has all three episodes incorporated in it and is better for those who like to go for a not so complex or simple platform game. The graphics that it has are more on an average note and do not give you anything in detail. The controls are however fine and support the gameplay a bit. Duke Nukem is therefore a lot better than this game but still it can give you a good time on board. So try it.

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