Zyclunt - Blade Warrior

Arcade 1995 Dos Dosbox Phantagram Platformer Anime

Modern fighter/platformer/brawler, a bit dated but playable

Zyclunt - Blade Warrior is a rather non typical platformer. It offers you both projectile weapons but mostly, you will be bound to a sword, with which you will make your way, left to right style, through hordes of robot and human enemies. The setting is a futuristic dystopia one, nicely depicted, with modern sprites, very carefully animated but not too detailed, and with backgrounds that do not look bad at all, though after a while they become a little too repetitive. The game is thus more like a brawler, and enemies will at times lock you in a certain area until you finish them off. You have to time your attacks to evade collisions and blows, and with certain mechanical enemies, you have to be extra careful, to also dodge bullets or other projectiles. At any rate, you will be in for a very fun experience as long as you do not mind a bit of linearity on your fighter/brawler/platformer, though Zyclunt - Blade Warrior will offer a pretty steady and interesting experience all the way through.

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