Arcade 1995 Dos SilverRock Productions Platformer

Minigames with Hugo; not that long lasting but fun

This is a minigames collection in which you will play in quite a few ways; you will avoid being hit by locomotives by changing the position of your own little wagon on the train tracks, you will climbs, you will dive, you will avoid boulders crashing towards you, and many more minigames. These minigames are served in pseudo 3D environments most of the time, and a few are served in 2D. At any rate, there greatest feature of the game, when all is said and done, is its variety, of which the game does have quite a bit. The disappointment? Well, there's a bit of that as well, for those that would have liked a cleaner, more well polished experience, maybe this game's rather punk attitude and graphic style won't feel as welcomed. Also, maybe some would have liked that the games be a bit more diverse and well, more interactive than they already are. At any rate, if you like unpretentious minigames, this bundle can do it for you, if not, well, try ESPN Extreme Games. There too you'll get extreme action presented through arcade minigames, and a bit more of a polished game overall.

Chose a number, you will surely be wrong.. Mwahahahaha!

With his pointy ears and big eyes, Hugo is probably one of the most famous game faces of the nineties in Europe and one of the most fun adventure games ever. In his great desire to go to his wife Hugolina and their cute children and save them from the very evil Mordana, our Hugo is willing to climb mountains, dive in rivers, go through dangerous forests.. But his path is not easy, oh no. He is constantly bugged by rolling boulders, pitfalls, thorny vines and much much more. He also collects bags of gold which gives him points, so you'll probably want to play this game a bunch of times to get a better score. You can choose plenty of games - Forrest, Mountain, River and a bunch more, each with the same premise - avoid the obstacles and go save Hugolina and the kids. The graphics are very cool, the animation is amazing, and every time hugo avoids and obstacle or loses a life, he says something funny and cute. This fantastic game is especially good for childrend, since it's very easy to play while still being extremely fun. For other cool adventure games, try out Crunchling Adventure

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