Super Ski 3

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Aaand the third`s...not the winner!

The Super Ski series has had three games, of which I reckon the second one got the most of my time and attention. It had fixed some of the issues of the first, upped the ante with better slopes and cleaned the controls. It also got more attention from the fans, which, unfortunately, led Microids, the developer to believe that fans would put up with anything. Well, nope! The third game hardly keeps the recipe of the older ones anymore, wanting to be a pioneer and implement a third person pseudo 3D generated world. But, the unfortunate fact, that was still persistent as an issue even in the better second game, is that in Super Ski you have to be able to tell the distance to the next object, so as to know how to maneuver your way around. Make that hard to do and you've doomed the game. And, the perspective in this one is just atrocious, for telling distances and for planning your slaloms. As such, you'll simply get sick of it, if you're as patient as me, in no more than 20 minutes, though I'm pretty sure you'll beat my record. So, nope, stick to the second title if you want to experience Microids in the world of sports simulation, or, better still download another winterish game of their, the beautiful adventure Syberia. Not a sports game, but a gentle classic adventure game of the mature era of the genre, that will sooth your longing for snow.

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