Dino Crisis

Action 1999 Windows Akella Shooter 3D action adventure Dinosaurs

An excellent mixture between Resident Evil and Jurassic Park

Dino Crisis is a 1999 action strategy game released by Capcom, a reputed company due to its cutting-edge technology and innovation distributed with every production. This game is also a horror one, because of its resemblance with Resident Evil and Jurrasic Park. You play as a special agent that arrives on an abandoned island to save an eccentric doctor, and you will receive extra help for this tough mission. Through the whole game, you must avoid to become dinner for the various races of dinosaurs you will encounter: Velociraptors, Tyrannosaurus, Therizinosaurus and so forth. Beside this kind of quest, your other objectives are based on solving puzzles, searching for weapons, and experiment a real suspense, because you never know what danger awaits you. In Dino Crisis, the producers used a 3D engine that brings huge improvements related to the graphics. But the real enthusiasm is brought by the original story. The realism created by the movements of the characters and dinosaurs is laudable. The veracity aspect also stays in the consistency of the lighting effects. Speaking of the graphical effects, the producers could have worked harder at the shadows system, because it wasn't so successfully done. As for the rest, everything is laudable, as I said, and this shadow thing minus isn't so blamable. In conclusion, this game is worth playing!

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